Sales Policy



     At Ponderosa Bunny Ranch we are available everyday of the week.  Our goal in raising rabbits is unite families with our happy, healthy, quality rabbits with great personalities while improving our lines for show.  Without you we wouldn’t be able to continue raising bunnies which has become a love of our life!  Whether or not you find your Show Bunny or Companion here, we want you to come away with a wonderful time shared for you and your loved ones. 

Our Rights:

    We reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time for any reason.  If this should occur, we will refund any deposit you might have made.  Also in the HIGHLY unlikely event that a rabbit you have a deposit on dies while in our care, you would receive your deposit back, or you could apply the deposit on a different bunny that is available for sale.

   We never sell pregnant does, or offer stud service. 

   We also do not guarantee on how well a rabbit will place at any show, or of how good a breeder it will be.  That is simply impossible to tell ahead of time. 

   We do not sell bunnies to anyone 17 and under.  If you are 17 and under you must have your parent/guardian contact us for you regarding the sale of any rabbit.

    Rabbits are sold first come, first serve.  We currently do not keep a waiting list and the best way to find out what is available is to check the website frequently for updates (please remember to hit the refresh button on your web browser when you visit).  If you don’t see a rabbit that interest you, call us.  We may not have updated the rabbit for sale pages with the new litters.

All sales are final once the transaction is completed.

Contacting Us:

     We use e-mail and phone for our communications.  We want everyone to be aware of this upfront.  Therefore, to receive a prompt reply, please use these two forms for contact.

Buying a Rabbit:

     We look forward to helping make your rabbit purchase a wonderful experience for you and your family.  We ask that those interested in rabbits check with us from time to time for updates, or book mark our sales page and visit it.  We also ask that you view our Rabbit Health Articles and Our Rabbit Forum for helpful information on Care and Up Bringing for your new Rabbit. 

     We cannot stress enough that even if the rabbit is for a child, the adults in the household are ultimately responsible to ensure that a rabbit is being taken care of.  I encourage every child who purchases a rabbit (or any animal for that matter) to join 4-H, find the National breed club etc… and learn how to properly care for your rabbit(s).

Placing a rabbit on hold:

   We require a minimum 50% deposit of the full purchase price on any rabbit that you may wish to purchase from us to guarantee that the rabbit is placed on hold and will not be sold until the agreed upon pick up/delivery date.  This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, so please be certain that you are placing a hold on a rabbit you truly want (I give 7 days for the monies to arrive).  If you change your mind after you send a deposit, you DO NOT get your deposit back.  Deposits are only refundable, if and only if, something would happen to the rabbit while in our care, before you pick up.  We will hold a rabbit that we have received the deposit on only until the agreed upon date. If you have found one of our rabbits on the for sales page and contact us, we can place that rabbit in a “pending” status for 7 days in order to receive the deposit monies toward the purchase of said rabbit.  If monies are not received for the rabbit within 7 days then we will sale to anyone interested.  When funds are received, we will e-mail a confirmation or call and move the rabbit from “Pending” to “Held” status.

Payment types:

 PayPal (Call for Email)

Cashier’s Check

Money Order


Personal checks (for Deposits only).


     Deposits can be paid by check or PayPal.  If you pay by check, keep in mind that the rabbit will not be considered “on hold” until the check clears the bank.  If you would like to pay us using PayPal be aware that PayPal does charge us a small fee (approximately 3% of the money sent) that we will add on to the total.  Please do not mail us cash. Unlike a check, cash cannot be traced if it is lost in transit.  If you have not paid for the rabbit(s) in full before pick up, we do require cash for final payments made the day the rabbit is going home with you.  If you want to pay the whole amount in advance by check or PayPal rather than cash, that is fine, but the rabbit(s) will need to be paid for in full at least a week before pickup to ensure everything clears.

     Always contact us before placing a deposit through PayPal, just in case the bunny you want is already on hold or sold.  We want to make sure that the bunny you want is still available before you pay.  We update our site very often for this reason.


     All of our rabbits are 100% healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale.  That being said, as we have no way of knowing how the rabbit is treated once it leaves our care (or what it may be exposed to) we are not responsible for illnesses or injuries that occur once the rabbit leaves our possession.  We will not be responsible for any veterinary fees at any time.

     We do not sell rabbits that are under eight weeks old and there are no exceptions to this.  We will also do what we can to educate new buyers on caring for their rabbit properly (please see our website forum and health articles), but ultimately, it is up to the buyer to provide proper care and husbandry, safe handling practices, and to protect their new additions from ill animals, excessive stress, and potential dangers.

 Checking over the rabbits:

      We check every rabbit that we sell thoroughly for any disqualifications or other problems.  We sincerely believe in being honest with the sale.  Selling a rabbit with a problem will also reflect poorly upon us and of course we do not want that.  However, you are responsible to check over the rabbit.  We always check each rabbit one final time immediately before meeting buyers.  Rabbits can pull teeth, break toenails, get white spots, etc.  So it is possible something beyond our control may occur after the rabbit leaves our rabbitry.  It is important for you to check the rabbit over before taking it home so if something does occur later you will know it happened after the rabbit left our barn.  If you need any help checking over the rabbit(s), please do not hesitate to ask.  We will be more than happy to show you how to properly turn over a rabbit and check teeth, toenails, sex, etc.

4-H and FFA animals:

      We like to promote youth programs and usually offer quality animals for sale to 4-H and FFA members at a discounted price.  If you are part of a 4-H or FFA youth club and would like a discount, please come prepared to prove you are a current member.  Because we have been “in beginner’s shows” ourselves- we are aware of some of the difficulties trying to find quality, show able 4-H and FFA animals at an affordable price – you can count on us for honest help in choosing your future project animals.

Pedigrees / Bunny Birth Certificate:

     All of our rabbits are purebred and all show or breeding stock rabbits will come with a pedigree.  Pet rabbits will not come with a pedigree, but will have a Bunny Birth Certificate.

Name of Rabbits:

    All rabbits sold will hold the prefix of “Ponderosa Bunny Ranch (PBR's)” before the name on all pedigrees.

Rabbit Quality:

A Show Quality rabbit:  means the rabbit has no disqualifications per the ARBA standard.  This quality of rabbit comes with a three generation pedigree and may be registered when it becomes an adult.

A Brood Quality rabbit:  means the rabbit doesn’t have the quality to do well in competition.  It may also mean it has a disqualification that cannot be passed on.  A brood quality rabbit may also become overweight as well.  This quality of rabbit comes with a three generation pedigree.  These rabbits may or may not be able to be registered.

A Pet Quality Rabbit:  may have a disqualification that may be passed on or a rabbit that just doesn’t have any good Show Quality.  Theses rabbits will not have a pedigree, but will come with a Bunny Birth Certificate.


     We want every buyer to be happy with their purchase but please know that all sales are final once the transaction is complete.

Delivery or Picking up the Rabbit:

     Because of our busy schedule we cannot offer shipping on any rabbit (may be considered in the future).  All rabbits must be picked up at Ponderosa Bunny Ranch, or may be picked up at any show we attend (Local or National).  On Occasion we can meet you half way (If more than one rabbit is purchased).  Please email or phone to discuss this and arrange for a public meeting spot.  Please bring a suitable carrier for your rabbit.  We are not responsible if you choose to pick up your new rabbit without the appropriate carrier.

Local/National Show

     If meeting us at a show, please get in touch with us in a timely manner.  If another person is picking up the rabbit for you, it must either be prepaid in full or they must have the full payment in cash. 


We’ve tried to keep most of our quality bunnies affordable so that everyone may have the chance to enjoy them as we have!



The Ponderosa Bunny Ranch