4-H Clover leafWe are proud members of


4-H stands for: Head ~ Heart ~ Hands ~ Health

"To make the best better"  is our motto!

Our Pledge is:
"I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
And my health to better living,
For my club, my community, my country, and my world"

4-H is an excellent youth program, for kids!  It was started in 1901.  It isn't just about animals like horses, cows, poultry, goats, sheep, and rabbits, it's so much more!  Did you know that 4-H offers more than 50 different projects!

4-H is structured for children 5-18. 4-H has developed a special non-competitive program for ages 5-8 called Cloverbuds. There are special Cloverbud project books and activities that we will be using with this age group. Ages 9-18 are 4-H members.  They are able to do any of the 50+ 4-H projects and hold office (President, VP, Sec, Treas., etc). A child's 4-H age is the age they are on January 1st of each year. How old was your child/children on January 1, 2007?  If they were between 5 and 8, they are with the Cloverbud group & if they were between 9 and 18, they are 4-H.

4-H also provides lots of opportunity for teens to volunteer their talents. They can serve as a teen leader, camp counselor, and/or as a junior fair board member. Examples include monitoring younger 4-H members, serving on Junior Fair Board, Fashion Board, a 4-H Committee, Camp Counselor, 4-H Carteens, 4-H Ambassador, etc.

What's Involved
Children work on 1 or more projects over several months with assistance from parents and advisers, attend regular monthly meetings, participate in 1 or more community service project and fundraiser, with project(s) being presented at fair. Some projects have an earlier completion date to allow those who earned a chance and are interested to move on and compete at the State Fair in Columbus.

Novice = First year in 4-H in any area
Junior = Age 9-11
Intermediate = Age 12-14
Advance = Age 15 & up
NOTE: If it's your first year in rabbits, but you've been in 4-H before, you'll compete in your age bracket, not as a novice.

We have specialty clubs for dogs and poultry, and general clubs where you can do a project on any animal and sewing, cooking, computers, rocketry, and even dirt bike!  Something for everyone... 

Rabbit projects compete in two different ways - Type Judging and Showmanship. Type Judging is where they compare one rabbit against another rabbit & the winner is the best rabbit. Showmanship is where the kids are judged on how well they handle their rabbits and their knowledge of rabbits.